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Welcome to Rock Hill's Premier Wellness Center

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Pregnancy/Post Natal Care

Dr. Courtney enjoys working with pregnant women to help them throughout their pregnancy. Chiropractic care is helpful during pregnancy, removing nerve interference and restoring function during the stressful changes that occur.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Dr. Courtney and Dr. Kyle utilize many techniques in adjusting, including diversified, Thompson, upper cervical, and instrument adjusting. The adjustments are comfortable and specifically adapted to each person that is treated.

Postural Assessment

Posture is very important to spinal health – therefore each patient will go through a postural screening that is included in the initial exam.



Dr. Kyle uses kinesiology tape to support spinal correction in his patients, especially athletes. Both Dr. Kyle and Dr. Courtney utilize a percussion massage tool to reduce muscular spasm and promote healing.


Athletic and Performance Care

Top of the Line Equipment

Experienced Doctors

At the beginning of care at Geer Family Chiropractic, our well-trained doctors perform an in-depth history and examination based on each patient’s specific symptoms and issues.


Dr. Kyle and Dr. Courtney regularly conduct classes about posture, exercises, stretching, and chiropractic-based health and wellness. Check our calendar of events for more information.


At Geer Family Chiropractic, we aim to promote chiropractic care and its positive effects to Rock Hill, SC and the greater Charlotte, NC area,
helping local residents to achieve improvement in their spinal health and overall wellness. Utilizing chiropractic adjustment
and supporting therapies, we help people reach their health and wellness goals.

Newly integrated with Anka Wellness of Fort Mill, Geer Chiropractic is Rock Hill's Premier Wellness Center. Several health and wellness coaches on staff. Professionals experienced in health and wellness with new services and equipment for 20+ years. Now offering many new services,
such as Infared Sauna, PEMF Mat, Massage Energy Bed, and Light Therapy.

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