Geer Family Chiropractic, LLC

1327 Ebenezer Rd, SC 29732


I was a patient of Dr. Kyle Geer while he was in Spartanburg. He helped me tremendously with my back and neck pain. He also helped my husband with his knees. He is very patient and kind. Dr. Geer is also very good with children. I would have my nephews with me most visits and he was so kind to them. I highly recommend the Geers for treatment!
​-- Brittany W.

I've had back and neck pain most of my life and I couldn't find a chiropractor who could tell me why until today. Dr. Kyle Geer takes the time to know his patients and give them the treatment they need to not just feel better today...but to get bettter and stay better long term. VERY impressed with the quality of treatment and extensive knowledge. Highly recommend you give them a try!
 -- Bill O.

I've seen Dr. Courtney Geer twice for pain in my neck and lower back/hips. She was very helpful in targeting the problem and taking care of the misalignment. She was very thorough and took the time to really care and understand what I needed. I will definitely return to her again for any future work I may need.
​-- Sharon O.

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