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At Geer Family Chiropractic, we understand what people struggling with spine or back issues will experience various levels of pain. Due to this, people may try to suffer through the pain and avoid treatment with the belief that the pain will weaken over time. In reality, the condition will only get worse and cause more health problems with time.

By seeking professional chiropractic treatment at our practice, you are taking the first steps in a treatment process that will produce long-term results. The first step is to call us and schedule an appointment.

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Our Team

Our team takes the time to create a comforting atmosphere at our practice so that patients can receive the treatment they need without stress or worry. From the moment patients walk in the door to any follow-up appointments, we will provide the professional care necessary to help patients recover and live a healthy life. Our team takes the time to listen to the patient’s concerns before making a treatment plan. Our goal is to ensure that there is no confusion about the treatment plan, procedures and any other information. We will also go over the necessary exercises and stretches the patient can do at home to continue the treatment and avoid the same injury in the future.

Our Services

We provide patients with a variety of chiropractic services for patients of varying ages. We provide neck pain treatment, back pain treatment, sciatica pain treatment, leg pain treatment, arm pain treatment, knee pain treatment, shoulder pain treatment, herniated disc treatment and more. Since the spine connects to everything in the body in one way or another, people may not be able to identify the specific source of the pain. Thus, people will try a variety of over-the-counter treatments that only mask the symptoms. Fortunately, we can identify the source of the pain and customize a treatment. We also provide physical therapy, pain management, spinal decompression, spinal adjustment, non-surgical back pain treatment and more.

Client Information

In order to customize the treatment to the patient’s condition, we will need to review the patient’s medical history, current condition, insurance information, allergies and any other pertinent information we need to know about. After we gather this information during an initial examination, we will then develop a treatment process. We customize the treatment process for the patient’s needs in order to help promote a long-term recovery. However, each treatment will be a process and not a single visit. We will take the time to outline the customized treatment plan with the patient and go over what the patient can do at home to further the recovery.