A Spinal Adjustment Can Increase Mobility and Prevent Injuries in Seniors

Posted on: May 3, 2018

Spinal Adjustment

A spinal adjustment can help people over the age of 60 to regain their mobility. Older adults in their 60s to 80s often approach us to receive treatment with the primary concern about stiffness in their joints, an inability to twist side-to-side or difficulty bending down to pick things up. These are concerns that plague many adults as they reach their retirement years.

Unfortunately, most physicians do not know how to help these patients other than to make recommendations for stretching at home. The good news is that we can help patients who are suffering from these challenges. Our focus is on improving spinal health, increasing mobility and helping our patients to live a healthier life in general.

The spine needs to be in alignment to promote mobility

Sometimes, a person's experiences restricted mobility due to the vertebrae in the spine moving out of alignment. This is a fairly common issue and one that we can address through proactive spinal manipulation. Using touch therapy, we are able to move the spine back into alignment.

What does that mean?

In very real terms, a spinal adjustment is just that. Adjusting the spine so that vertebrae move into the correct position. When they are in the correct position, nerves will be able to flow freely through the spine without being pinched or encumbered. It also means that patients will experience less discomfort in their back, shoulders and neck. As a result, mobility can increase.

A spinal adjustment can solve common problems

Patients that visit us to remedy an inability to bend down often find that a regular adjustment gives them the ability to pick something up or tie their shoes when they combine it with light stretching. People who experience pain when twisting their back also experience relief by visiting our office for a regular adjustment.

As people age, it may be necessary to visit our office on a regular basis for maintenance purposes. This could be once a month or it could be weekly, depending on the patient. However, this effort is certainly well worth it when viewed in the light of being able to do everything that a person enjoys or needs to do in order to maintain their independence.

Preventing injuries

It is also important to note that visiting our office for a spinal adjustment can be an important step to preventing injuries. Many older patients fall and injure themselves while doing routine activities at home. Unfortunately, these falls can create the need for invasive procedures and even hospital stays. Preventing them is a critical step for anyone who wants to maintain their independence. Through chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage, it can be possible to keep the body in good working order and reduce the likelihood of having this type of accident.

Visit us today

We encourage patients to take charge of their health and their future by taking the time to prevent problems and increase their mobility. This is all possible by visiting our office for a spinal adjustment. Call today to schedule an appointment to do so.